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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup reports we obtained
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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Report

The #1 Recommended Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directory Service

The above report was obtained from the following reverse cell phone look up service that we recommend above other similar services. WHY?

  1. Because the results we got was ACCURATE every time
  2. Unlike certain others, they do provide some results for FREE (however you will have to pay if you want a comprehensive report – for some people, the free report would suffice)
  3. HUGE Database – covers the majority of land and cell phone numbers in the USA
  4. REPUTATION – stay away from unknown companies if you don’t want to put your own privacy at risk
  5. Optional Background Checks – if you want a comprehensive background report on the person, they provide that too (this is NOT Free)

Here’s a Comparison of the 2 BEST Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directories for US numbers

Rating No 1 Rated No 2 Rated
Cell Phone Directory #1 Rated Service #2 Rated Service
Contents on report
  • First and last names of the phone owner
  • Present and past addresses (historical data may not be available in all cases)
  • Age/date of birth
  • Relatives (especially if living at the same address)
  • Marital status
  • Average annual income
  • Home value (based on neighborhood demographic data)
  • Optional background check data: marriage/divorce records, business, criminal, and property records, court records, lawsuits etc.

Disclaimer: certain types of records may not be available with certain searches: e.g. a report may not list court cases or criminal records where the person has not committed such crimes

Find Name from Cell Phone Number (reverse cell phone lookup)

Find name by phone number (Reverse Cell Phone Lookup)

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Cell phone number lookup

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Find cell phone number from Name

Find Cell Phone Number from Name or Address

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Also available

  1. Property record lookup
  2. Sex-offender lookup
  3. Background search
  4. Marriage/Divorce records
Reverse Address Search

Reverse Address Lookup

People/Friend/Stranger Search

People lookup

Reverse Email Search

(Warning on reverse email searches. Our accuracy rate with reverse email check was very low. Incorrect data came up for our own email addresses)

Reverse Email Lookup

Database size Over 1 BILLION records Over 1 BILLION records in total (Cellular Phone Numbers on file: 253,450,210, Landline Numbers on file: 1,430,310,190, Unlisted/Unpublished Numbers on file: 17,892,1222. New Records added constantly)
Information provided with Free reverse cell phone lookup Depends on the phone number.
Do a Free search here to see what you get for free
Depends on the phone number.
Do a Free search here to see what you get for free
How much for a paid search

Regular price: $4.95 for 4 days

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